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Radio Thailand more than radio: #RadioAsia2017

On the third day of this year's Radio Asia conference, delegates heard about one of the host country’s major stations, Radio Thailand. The network was founded in 1930 as a public service…

Radiodays Europe to hold Podcast Day

The Radiodays Europe (RDE) Podcast Day is a new event focused entirely on podcasting and will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark, on June 15. It will be followed by additional workshops on June 16.…

Warning! Coarse Language on your Radio

John Patkin looks at where we're at with rude words on the radio Fuck! The F-bomb is no stranger to radio but we tend to avoid using it. In a medium that can manipulate the mind, there’s

AIR set for second phase of DRM rollout

India’s public broadcaster, All India Radio (AIR) has completed phase I of the national DRM digital radio roll-out in India. According to DRM news, 37 DRM transmitters have been…