‘There’s Only One Kyle & Jackie O’

ARN has launched a new TV, digital and social campaign for Sydney’s KIIS 1065 and Kyle & Jackie O, a fun and revealing look at what real people actually think of the radio duo.
This new campaign goes behind the scenes providing audiences with a cheeky glimpse into the minds of Kyle & Jackie O.
Set in a Kyle & Jackie O focus group, the campaign uses real conversation and responses from participants to find out what they really think of the duo while Kyle & Jackie O watch from behind a two-way mirror.
From suggesting Kyle has what it takes to be a plus-sized model through to describing the duo as the ‘Donald Trump’ of radio, nothing was off limits for the group and no-one was holding back. 
Whether they loved them or not, it was clear everyone could agree that ‘There’s only one Kyle & Jackie O’.
The three pieces launched today are the first of a series that will be released over the coming weeks.



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