Dublin station Raidio RiRa gets new audio imaging

Raidio RiRa has a new sound on-air created by Ignite Jingles in Media City UK.

A set of custom music themes and jingles have been produced for the Irish language CHR formatted station, along with a special sonic logo to ID the service.

Dusty Rhodes for Raidio RiRa, said: “We are pumped with the new music IDs from Ignite Jingles. Chris and the team delivered a package that is 100% our format and kicked our on-air sound up to another level. On time, on budget and on air with Ireland’s Irish language Top 40 station, Raidio Ri-Ra.”

Ignite’s jingles are on air across Europe, including Portugal, Switzerland, Denmark, Greece and The Netherlands.

Hear the new Raidio RiRa package below.

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