Dynamic ads and podcast networks – Rachel Corbett co-hosts; Mignon Fogarty is our guest

Rachel Corbett joins James Cridland to talk fiction podcasts; dynamic ad insertion; whether we're in a slowdown or not; GoodPods and indie podcasting; social audio networks; and the benefits of a podcast network. All the links are in the latest updates from Podnews, at https://podnews.net

We're sponsored by Riverside, who make excellent software to remote-record your podcast (in video too), and by Buzzsprout, who are hosting this podcast and a great way to get podcasting yourself, like more than 100,000 other podcasters.

Rachel runs the NOVA Entertainment Podcast Network: https://www.novafm.com.au/podcasts/ and runs PodSchool: https://podschool.com.au/

James runs Podnews: https://podnews.net/go-subscribe/podland and a radio  newsletter too: https://james.crid.land/go-subscribe/podland

Here is the Radiodays Africa session that James talks about: https://youtu.be/Pn2ODPJM2JM - it's all about the future of radio.

Sam Sethi was away this week.

Warning: this podcast also contains a small section of a National Tiles ad. Helloooo.

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