Fake it until you make it, unless you buy it. Spotify’s Megaphone buys Whooshkaa but still no date for exclusive podcasts, HiFi sound or transcriptions? SiriusXM we can’t read you? Comments are live on Podverse and Buzzsprout supports the Person Tag.

GUEST: Larry Rosin, the co-founder and President of Edison Research

Spotify buys
Whooshkaa! Congratulations Rob  Loewenthal.  A great guy and a great team. 

SiriusXM is being sued for failing to provide podcast transcripts for deaf users by the National Association for the Deaf and the Disability Rights Advocates.  

  • As we researched in June 2020, transcripts can offer significant SEO benefits.  

  • The podcast:transcript tag is an open standard, supported by a number of podcasts and offers both static transcripts (in HTML or text) or real-time captions (in the SRT format). Widely supported by many modern podcast hosts including Captivate, Transistor, Buzzsprout, Omny Studio and others, a number of podcast apps display these transcripts, including the popular Android app Podcast Addict. 

  • Amazon Music has a proprietary solution for transcripts.

  • Spotify added the right to transcribe using their own proprietary solution in May 2020, and a limited beta in May 2021. There is no mechanism for publishers to supply their own transcripts.

  • Google offers live captions within every Android app on Pixel phones; that live caption tool is also available on desktop Chrome .  The company doesn’t support the podcast:transcript tag.

  • Apple surprisingly doesn’t offer any live captioning.  The company doesn’t support the podcast:transcript tag.

  • With the exception of Podcast Addict,  no major podcast app supports transcripts. 

  • In terms of podcasts to test things on, Podland contains live captions and transcripts using the transcript tag. Also using that tag, the Podnews podcast contains a transcript only.

Comments are live on Podverse! Podverse has added episode comments to their new website using ActivityPub Protocol.

Buzzsprout now supports the podcast:person tag for hosts and co-hosts. It’s available to everyone (and added to Podland).

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