It’s all about the numbers! Google 100m, Amazon 1.5bn, Podcast Index 2.7m plus interviews with Juliana Meyer CEO Supapass and Elsie Escobar Libsyn.

Join Sam Sethi and Matt Deegan on this week's jam packed & informative show


 - Elsie Escobar - Libsyn talking about Libsyn 5 beta 1

 - Juliana Meyer - Supapass - one website and app for your content, community and paywall.


 - Google Podcasts has hit 100m installations on Android.

 - Amazon Podcasts launched to more than 1.5bn potential listeners in France, Italy, Spain and India.

 - Libsyn has acquired Glow, Inc

 - VOX Media buys Cafe Studios

 - Podcast Index now has 2.7m shows in its index

 - PLINK has switched to using Podcast Index 

 - Poductivity, a method of offering interaction and engagement for podcasts, has launched an early alpha

 - Buzzsprout now has 100,000 active podcasts

 - Facebook is testing Hotline, a Clubhouse-like service 

 - RØDE Microphones has released RØDE Connect

 - Patreon has raised $155m in a new funding round


 - Podcast Day 24 -

 - She Podcasts - October 14th - 17th -


Podcast hosting and a whole lot more

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