It’s now 2 million podcasts, Interviews: Chair – Podcast Academy, CEO – Riverside FM, Head of Digital Audio – iHeart Podcast Network

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  •  We just hit 2 million shows in Apple Podcasts, according to Daniel J Lewis's Podcast Industry Insights tool. Overnight, the total number of shows hit 2,004,462. He says that 37.29% are "active" (published at least one episode in the last 90 days)

  • Podcasts are now available on TV. PodTV is now available on TCL Smart TV channel 1048, or on Roku, or free on their website.

  • The IAB has published its Annual Report, predicting that “in 2021, [US] podcasting will be a $1 billion market”. The organisation had $33.2m of revenue in 2020; $6.4m of that is from the IAB Tech Lab, who work on the podcast measurement standards.

  • Hypercatcher now supports the Podcast Index funding tag. The Breez Lightning client has added a native podcast player on their iOS app. Using the Podcasting 2.0 podcast:value system, listeners can opt to share cryptocurrency with the shows they listen to. 

  • A good day for podcast accessibility: Google has enabled automatic subtitles inside the Chrome browser, adding closed captions to any web-based podcast player as well as other audio. Visit chrome://settings/accessibility in your browser and turn on Live Caption. 

  • Clubhouse is male and under 35, says Signal Hill Insights in the first piece of research in its users that we’ve seen. However, fewer than 20% of Canadian adults have even heard of it (far less using it); and even the people who use it don’t think it’s going to be a big success.

  • Tortoise Media, the “slow media news platform” in the UK, has signed with Acast for podcast distribution and monetisation. 


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