Podcasts, Podcasts everywhere but not a mention of RSS anywhere! We discuss Apple’s podcast subscriptions, Facebook’s podcasting app and Google recommendations

Join James Cridland and Sam Sethi on this week's jam-packed show about Apple subscriptions and Facebook's entry into podcasting with the help of Spotify. 


  • Apple Podcasts is adding paid Podcasts Subscriptions in May. As a podcaster, you can set your own price for your own show.

  • Apple Podcasts will take a 30% commission of the subscription price for a subscriber’s first year, dropping to 15% for additional years. Podcasters can set pricing, and availability, by country. Apple Podcasts is available in 170 territories.

  • Paid podcasts are hosted by Apple, not by your podcast host. 

  • Apple Podcasts will not give you access to any personal data about your paid subscribers, like their emails or names.

  • The launch of the new Apple Podcasts Connect tool has been plagued with bugs and technical issues; and has impacted other apps. We would recommend NOT logging in at this time.

  • Many podcasters say their shows have completely gone missing within Apple Podcasts and third-party apps that use Apple’s API.

  • Our theory: All shows transferred to the new system appear to automatically have their RSS feed removed from Apple’s public API

  • One way for third-party apps to continue operating is to use PodcastIndex.

  • Apple Podcasts Connect also changes your categories, too.

  • Within the next few months, the Facebook app will include a podcast player, as part of an upcoming set of “social audio experiences”. The podcast player will work in the background, and offer live captioning; “RSS” wasn’t mentioned in the release 


Podcast hosting and a whole lot more

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