Will Superfans pay extra to come into a Spotify Green Room or Twitter Space? Should Apple buy Clubhouse? Interviews with Will Page, Author of Tarzan Economics and Charles Van Winkle, Senior Software Engineer, Descript.

Join James Cridland and Sam Sethi on this week's deep dive into subscription services.


- Will Page - Author of Tarzan Economics, Visiting Fellow at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Former Chief Economist at Spotify and PRS for Music.

- Charles Van Winkle - Former Senior Computer Scientist II at Adobe Systems and now Senior Software Engineer at Descript 


  •  Twitter Spaces is now available to (almost) everyone, on iOS and Android, if you have more than 600 followers.

  •  Apple’s Podcasts Connect still isn’t allowing new podcasts from some users.

  • Apple Podcasts iOS 14.5.1 app has changed the way it displays episode notes, it no longer supports HTML links.  

  • The new iOS 14.5.1 Apple Podcasts app now takes hours to deliver new episodes to your listeners.

  •  Spotify’s recently-acquired Clubhouse-like service, Locker Room, is to be called Spotify Greenroom. 

  • Headliner has integrated with “Megaphone by Spotify”.

  • Cleanvoice is a new service promising to automatically remove all those “uhhhh” words from your recordings. It’s $3 a shot, but could save quite some time in editing.

  •  Ximalaya has filed for a US IPO. The largest online audio platform in China (with spoken-word and music content), it has 250m monthly users, and 5.2m active content creators.

  •  JustPod’s Yi Yang newsletter about podcasting in China, is also available in English.

  • Free editing software Audacity has 'been acquired' by a new company, Muse Group.

  • The Australian part of Podcast Day 24 will be an in-person event in Sydney NSW on June 7, it’s been announced. The conference announced its first set of speakers this morning; it’s part of a 24-hour event in Australia, Europe and North America.
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